Six Sad Ways to Land a Spot on The Hill's 2015 Most Beautiful People List

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The Hill just released its hotly anticipated (we're assuming) list of the 50 Most Beautiful people working in the nation's capitol, starting off this year's round of congratulations, humble brags and mocking tweets.

But for up-and-comers in Washington — especially those more coming than up — who didn't make the list, fear not. We analyzed the profiles of the top 10 most beautiful and found a few tips to help you get it together in time for 2015. Just think, in a few months from now you too could be posing for awkward photos and answering questions about your diet and exercise routines.

Be Rand Paul

Paul (#9) is the outlier in the top ten — he's about 12 years older than the next closest beautiful person, one of two married people and the only one with zero fashion sense. “Typically, I come out in things, (and) I’m made to re-dress on occasion at home,” Paul told The Hill. We believe being kind to your less-attractive-but-still-beautiful colleagues helps:

Be Young

With the exception of 51-year-old Paul, everyone in the top 10 is under 40. In fact, not counting Paul, the average age of the top 10 is 29.5 years old. 

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Go to the Gym

Danielle Sikes (#1), a legislative aide for Rep. Bob Gibbs, goes "at least four times a week," according to The Hill. “I try to keep myself in that routine not just for the job’s sake, but for myself,” she said. (Sikes other job is as a cheerleader for the local hockey team. Being a cheerleader might also help.)

Don't Go to the Gym

“I don’t exercise,” Devron Brown (#3), an aide to Sen. Harry Reid's chief of staff, said. “I’m on this diet called ‘broke.’” Note: you can still shop at Whole Foods on the "broke" diet. “Whole Foods on P Street, it saved my life,” he added.

Start a Blog

Specifically, write a poem, and name your blog after it. Rep. Louie Gohmert's communications director Kimberly Willingham (#2) "is an avid blogger," according to The Hill. "Her site, (named after a poem she penned) is a mix of recipes, Christian devotionals and stories." She's also gluten-free.

Don't Iron Your Jeans 

“I finally learned it’s not cool to iron your jeans. My dad would iron my jeans, so all the way up to college, I would iron my jeans,” Rep. Eric Sewell (#6) said in his interview.“Then I started to realize it’s actually cooler and more hip to not iron jeans.”

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