Watch Chris Christie Attempt to Dad Dance His Way Back Into the 2016 Race

Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had some fun. 

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Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had some fun. Christie, who is still pretty clearly running for president, put on some Fred Mertz pants and joined Fallon on stage for a "Dad Dancing" segment of the show's popular "Evolution of Dancing" bit. At one point Christie and Fallon pretend they are dads at a Springsteen concert. Here, watch:

Just months ago, Springsteen himself went on Fallon to, we guess, break Christie's superfan heart into a million pieces with a brutal "Born to Run" parody all about Bridgegate. But now that a Chris Christie-appointed lawyer has looked into the matter and concluded that Chris Christie was not involved in the lane-closing traffic scandal, Chris Christie is back to running for 2016. On Friday, he'll spend the day in California, with a final stop at a fundraiser for the Republican Governor's Association. Next week, Christie will court values voters at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference.

Christie and Fallon also actually talked to each other after the segment, where the two discussed his recent weight loss, Eric Cantor's stunning primary defeat ("I feel bad for him that he lost....but that's what can happen," Christie said of a man he described as a "friend"), and danced around discussing 2016 with some jokes about whether he could beat Hillary Clinton... in a dancing contest! Also, Christie pretended not to know anything about Bridgegate when Fallon brought it up. Christie then pretended to be very mad at Fallon about that whole getting his idol to eviscerate him on national television thing, until the talk show host said "I'm sorry."

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