Todd Akin Returns From Obscurity to Attack Hillary Clinton

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Todd Akin, the former congressman best known for saying women can't get pregnant from "legitimate rape," is coming out with a new book that defends his infamous comments. Thanks to Akin's remark, no discussion of the GOP's war on women is complete without mentioning his name, but according to him, liberals like Hillary Clinton are launching the real war.

In 2012, while he was fighting to ban abortion in all cases, even in the event of rape, Akin said “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," he said at the time. He later said he "misspoke," but still defended his stance against abortion.

In an excerpt of his book provided to the Daily Mail, Akin said "legitimate" modified "the claim and not the action." In other words, as long as a woman isn't lying about her rape or making "an excuse to avoid an unwanted pregnancy," then the body has ways to shut that down. "I faced a media firestorm for an unclear comment," Akin told the Daily Mail. "It is the responsibility of the media to make it clear that liberal Democrats like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are the true perpetrators of the ‘war on women.'"

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Akin said Hillary was a hypocrite for claiming there's a GOP war on women "when she once got a child rapist off the hook who she knew to be guilty, and laughed about how she did it when interviewed. In the process, she de-legitimized the legitimate claims of the 12-year-old victim and then slandered the victim to justify her tactics."

Hillary's 1975 defense of a child rapist resurfaced after the Washington Free Beacon published an old recording of her discussing the case earlier this month. On the recording Hillary says she had her client "take a polygraph, which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs," and laughs, which prompted the victim to remark "Hillary Clinton took me through hell" in an interview with The Daily Beast. During the case, Hillary characterized the victim as being emotional unstable with a tendency to seek relationships with older men. Akin cites that, along with her handling of the several allegations of sexual misconduct directed at Bill, the Clintons are women's real enemy. The fact that Akin still doesn't want women to have access to abortions under any circumstances apparently isn't relevant.

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