This Mayoral Candidate's Ad Looks Like It Was Directed by Wes Anderson

How very Rushmore. (National Journal)

Brett Smiley is running for mayor of Providence, R.I. But judging by his recent campaign video, he might also be auditioning for Wes Anderson's next movie.

In the spot ad released Friday, Smiley touts his organizational skills. "Brett is the most organized person I've ever met," Smiley's husband, Jim DeRentis, says. "Who else would propose marriage on a PowerPoint presentation?"


{{thirdPartyEmbed type:youtube id:xFxRLYeR9As}}

The ad screams Wes Anderson, from the signature yellow font, to the symmetrical framing, to the kitschy type-written correspondence, to Smiley's own deadpan delivery (all it's missing is the slo-mo shot).

"My plan for public safety taxes handguns like we tax cigarettes," Smiley says.

"Wow, that's a big idea," someone offscreen replies. "Are you excited about it?"

"Yes," Smiley deadpans.

Aligning your political brand with Wes Anderson's is a good idea if you're a liberal candidate running for office in a liberal area — remember, Providence is home to Brown University. The Wes Anderson schtick may well be the liberal equivalent of shooting a gun in your campaign ad.