This Is the Most Risqué Gun-Safety Ad We've Seen

It involves sex toys.

National Journal

When you think about gun-safety ads, a certain tableau comes to mind. The solemn voice-over. The child stumbling across his father's handgun in the closet. The offscreen BANG, and finally the close-up of the child's grief-stricken parents.

The group Evolve, which advocates responsible gun ownership, is taking exactly the opposite approach. Evolve's most recent ad, called "Playthings," shows two moms chatting while picking up their kids from a playdate. Little do they know exactly what their kids are playing with. The message at the end: "If they find it, they'll play with it. So always lock up your guns."


In the past, Evolve has launched a "Don't Be a Dumbass" campaign against accidental shootings, and has a section on its site with "Tales of Dumbassery"—linking to real news stories of people accidentally injured by guns. By injecting humor into its ads, the gun-safety group is drawing attention to a serious issue.