Sorry Trolls, Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Not Holding a Walker on Her 'People' Cover

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Hillary Clinton graces the cover of this week's People magazine, and as soon as the cover photo hit the Internet certain conservatives were quick to suggest that the former Secretary of State and perpetual presidential candidate is – gasp! – propping herself up with a walker. But no, of course she isn't.

Clinton's 16th People cover promises talk of "her health, her marriage, becoming a grandmother – and the presidency" ("I have a decision to make" is the quote being touted), but it's the photo that's drawing attentionMostly because Matt Drudge tweeted this:

Following this classic bit of Drudge trolling, conservative Washington Free Beacon published their own bit on the Clinton cover that reads more like a lampooning of the Drudge-type of conspiracy theorizing than anything serious.

Washington Free Beacon 

"Notice the subtle placement of the word 'grandmother' at the bottom of the page, next to what a layperson might reasonably assume to be an old person’s walker in Clinton’s hands ... It is unclear at this time how the Koch brothers are connected," Andrew Stiles writes. The Beacon article went up only two minutes after Drudge's tweet, so it probably wasn't a direct response, but the use of "layperson" does seem like some effective conservative-on-conservative shade.

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Unfortunately, though it might be a dream of the fringe right, Clinton is definitely not holding on to a walker. Both Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal received confirmation that Clinton is in fact holding onto a patio chair from her own backyard. 

But that doesn't mean she isn't holding onto a different kind of walker:

As everyone's been pointing out today, Clinton is 66 years old, and she'll be 69 come Election Day 2016. But hey, her likely Democratic competitor Joe Biden is nearly four years older. 

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