Malia Obama's Summer Job Is Cooler Than Yours

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Some teens will spend the summer flipping burgers or lifeguarding at the community pool, but first daughter Malia Obama hung out with Halle Berry on the set of Extant.

TheWrap reported that Obama was seen last week working as a production assistant on the set of the CBS summer series, a Gravity and Alien sci-fi drama featuring Berry readjusting to life on earth after a year alone in spaceObama helped with computer shop alignments and slated a take, according to a source. Being a production assistant is actually pretty boring, but a New Yorker profile of President Obama earlier this year revealed that Malia's "an aspiring filmmaker," so this is almost like a not-famous person applying for an internship. 

Malia, who'll turn 16 on the Fourth of July, has been getting a lot of attention recently. Earlier this month the president revealed that she'd gone to prom and that she's almost old enough to get her learner's permit (the president and first lady won't be teaching her how to drive). But then, the first daughters have always received a lot of attention. In 1993, the Orlando Sentinel did a story on Chelsea Clinton's future enrollment at the prestigious Sidwell School, which the Obamas now attend. "It's sort of silly that everybody cares so much," a junior at the school said at the time. "She should just be another kid, but she probably won't ever be allowed to."

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