Godzilla Attack or Road-Sign Hack?

Homeland Security warns that electronic billboards are vulnerable to hackers.

National Journal

If a roadside safety sign seems to be declaring an odd message, chances are it's been hacked, the Homeland Security Department said Wednesday.

That's due to a security hole in one model of the frequently used electronic billboards. According to the DHS alert, the Daktronics Vanguard system uses a hard-coded password, a universal login linked to an administrator account and built into the program's code.

The flaw has apparently become compromised. The alert warned of a vulnerability "that could allow unauthorized access to the highway sign."

In recent weeks, signs have featured warnings about a "GODZILLA ATTACK!" and a "HACK BY SUN HACKER." Previous hacks have warned of nearby zombies.

THe DHS cyberteam says it is working with Daktronics to fix the problem and is recommending better network protections for the system.