Eric Cantor Will Step Down on July 31 — Who'll Replace Him?

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With the ink on the ballots not even dry yet, the jockeying for Eric Cantor's post as House Majority Leader has begun. It's being reported that the Virginia Republican will announce that he's be stepping down before November.

So who's interested in being Speaker John Boehner's #2? Let's take a look at the possibilities:

Jeb Hensarling

A/S/L: 57, Male, Texas

Position: Chair of House Financial Services Committee

Early speculation: Hensarling says he's "humbled" that so many people want him to pursue a leadership position. He's also "prayerfully" considering a bid.

Kevin McCarthy 

A/S/L: 49, Male, California

Position: House Majority Whip 

Early speculation: "McCarthy spent the morning in his spacious suite on the first floor of the Capitol, reaching out by telephone to more than 100 members, declining to go into details about his plans while hinting, with his appreciation for the encouragement, that he would run for majority leader." 

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Pete Sessions

A/S/L: 59, M, Texas

Position: Chairman of the House Rules Committee

Early Pretty definitive speculation: 

The Others 

Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is reportedly "not interested," despite this boon from the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Washington's Cathy McMorris-Rodgers is being promoted for a possible leadership position, but likely not majority leader.

Also, Jim Jordan is reportedly backing Hensarling so, sorry "Erik." 

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