Chris Christie Gives Pro-Life Speech, Storms New Hampshire With a Pro-Choice Candidate

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Let's all get dizzy on the 2016 carousel. Yesterday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a pro-life speech in Washington, D.C., before flying to New Hampshire to campaign for a pro-choice candidate.

First the speech. Speaking to a gathering of evangelical Christians at the Faith & Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C., Christie pumped his pro-life bona fides, referencing his 2013 gubernatorial campaign:

What we did in the campaign was speak very frankly to people about the sanctity of life. How I believe that every life is a gift from God that’s precious, that must be protected…[voters] had a right to know what was in my heart. Because when you know what’s in someone’s heart, you have a window into how they will lead.”

He then boarded a flight to New Hampshire, home of the all-important first 2016 presidential primary, where he stumped for Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein.

The trip made waves not only because Havenstein is running contested in a Republican primary and happens to be pro-choice, but also because of that whole 2016 thing. Of course, when asked by a reporter if he was setting the table for a campaign, Christie gave this sarcasm-laced reply: “Absolutely not. How dare you?”

According to a (ridiculously preliminary) New Hampshire poll, Christie is tied for the lead with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in a potential GOP matchup for 2016. 

Christie's movements are signaling a slow launch into his political rehabilitation following the Bridgeghazi scandal earlier this year. Between glad-handing evangelicals in Washington, D.C., and voters in New Hampshire yesterday (as well as attending two private fundraisers in the state), the New Jersey governor dad-danced with Jimmy Fallon last week.


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