You Probably Shouldn't Buy Discounted Plan B on Amazon

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There's a growing market for the morning-after pill on Amazon, and it looks a little sketchy. According to a report by Elizabeth Dawes Gay and Renee Bracey Sherman at the reproductive rights blog RH Reality Check, Plan B One-Step emergency contraception is going for as little as $16.90 on the site. Plan B typically retails for $50, and the wholesale price hovers around $30.

As Gay and Sherman note, "it is highly unlikely that any vendor would be able to acquire Plan B One-Step wholesale and sell it for $16 without taking a substantial financial hit." Plan B that's sold for such a low price could be stolen, tampered with, expired, or not actually Plan B. One reviewer who ordered from the seller SIMPLY POSITIVE SUPPLEMENTS noted that the foil was opened in the package she received, and the pill was cut in half. Still, overall she was pleased with her order because the seller sent her a new package. "I have used one since purchasing them and I am not preggo so they are legit I would assume," she writes. 

If you're looking for something more than "they are legit I would assume," it's best just to purchase Plan B at a pharmacy. As Gay and Sherman point out, if you have health insurance, you can have your doctor call in a prescription (even though you don't need one to purchase the drug) to get it at no cost. (Thanks, Obama.) 

And if you're in desperate need of the morning after pill, it doesn't make sense to order it online, anyway. Plan B One Step is most effective when taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. That doesn't leave much time to wait around for a delivery. 

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