President Obama Promises to 'Punish' Those Responsible for Any VA Misconduct

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Update:  President Obama addressed an ongoing investigation into allegations of VA hospital misconduct on Wednesday, promising that he would have preliminary results from the VA's investigation some time next week. "If these allegations prove to be true," Obama said, "it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it, period." Anybody found to have falsified records in an investigation into VA hospitals will be "held accountable," Obama added. He said, "once we know the facts, I assure you that if there is misconduct it will be punished" Obama's remarks indicate that he will base any proposed reforms to the agency off of ongoing investigations into the VA. 

Obama added that deputy chief of staff Rob Nabors is also conducting a wider investigation into VA's health services, and that he expects the full report from Nabors in a month. "Today," Obama said,  "I want every veteran to know we will fix whatever is wrong." 

Original Post: President Obama will give a statement this morning, immediately after meeting with Veteran's Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki and deputy chief of staff Rob Nabors, who have been coordinating the veterans' agency response to a deepening crisis of delays at VA hospitals.

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Several hospitals serving military veterans across the nation have faced allegations that they deliberately covered up extensive delays in patient care, either by maintaining a "secret" waiting list of patients not reported to the government, or by other means of tweaking hospital records. Some untreated Veterans have subsequently died while waiting for care. The whole story is itself part of a wider, known, problem of health care delays at VA facilities. Shinseki has faced increasing calls for his resignation as the crisis grows. 

You can watch that statement live here. It's expected to start around 10:45 Eastern: 

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