Voter ID-Supporting Candidate Forgets ID, Becomes Latest Victim of Voter ID Law

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Asa Hutchinson is hoping to be the next Republican candidate for the governor of Arkansas. The primaries are today in the state, so Hutchinson headed to the polls to vote (presumably for himself). Unfortunately, he forgot his photo ID, and wouldn't you know it? This is Arkansas' first election with its voter ID law. Oops!

Hutchinson is a supporter of the law, which was struck down by a circuit court last month, only for the state's Supreme Court to overturn that decision. He showed up at a polling station in Bentonville yesterday to cast an early ballot, but he could not, for he had no government-issued photo ID on his person. 

According to the AP, Hutchinson sent a staffer to retrieve his ID and he was then able to vote without further incident. His spokesman said that, despite the dose of karmic retribution, Hutchinson remains a supporter of the law. He did admit that it was a "little bit of an inconvenience." It's probably a little bit more of an inconvenience for people who don't have ID-fetching aides.

The state's Democratic party, which opposes the law, was more than happy to issue a statement on the matter: "We hope Asa's experience at the polls yesterday will cause him to reevaluate the unnecessary burden the voter ID law places on senior citizens, students and those serving in the military."


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