The Anti-Obamacare Creepy Uncle Sam Is Back

A campaign against the health care law tones down its attack, but not its weirdness factor.

Creepy Uncle Sam — last seen preparing for especially invasive evaluations of Obamacare enrollees — is back.

This time there's no dialogue and, mercifully, no calipers: Just Creepy Uncle Sam, alone in an empty hospital, makin' it rain.

The Creepy Uncle Sam Web videos, sponsored by a conservative group called Generation Opportunity, launched in September. The initial spots featured young people showing up at the doctor's office to use their newly purchased health insurance, only to be turned over to Creepy Uncle Sam for some sort of examination of their most private orifices.

Generation Opportunity also dispatched a human in a Creepy Uncle Sam getup to events that attracted a lot of young people. The idea was to encourage young adults to opt out of health insurance sold through Obamacare's exchanges.

That didn't work. More than 8 million people picked insurance plans through the law's marketplaces, roughly 28 percent of whom were young adults — not the percentage the White House wanted, but about what insurance companies expected.

So now Creepy Uncle Sam has downgraded his complaint. The latest video, posted last week, shows him standing in an empty hospital, throwing money in the air like he just don't care, because, the ad says, Obamacare is "making it rain on glitchy IT contractors."