Senate Candidate Joni Ernst's Sarah Palin Schtick is Now Beyond Parody

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Joni Ernst, a Republican Senate candidate in Iowa, was made in the Sarah Palin mold — her first TV ad focused on her experience castrating hogs. Perhaps high off the buzz and Palin endorsement that that ad generated, Ernst just released another TV spot that is beyond parody.

The 30-second spot, titled "Shot," features Ernst at the shooting range, "unloading" on Obamacare. The narrator's lines sound like a Palin speech run through the shredder. As Ernst rides into the frame on a Harley, we hear, "Conservative Joni Ernst: Mom, Farm Girl, and a Lieutenant Colonel who carries more than just lipstick in her purse." (She carries a gun.) Ernst then loads her gun, taking "aim" at both wasteful spending and the ACA. "Joni doesn't miss much," the narrator proclaims, as Ernst shows off a bullseye full of holes. 

Now fans can "give Joni a shot" by contributing to her campaign, which is going well, all things considered. The Republican primary is on June 3rd, and Ernst is narrowly leading the field. In April, a Suffolk University poll gave her 25 percent of the vote, while her main competitor, businessman Mark Jacobs, took 23 percent. If Ernst wins the nomination and goes on to beat Democrat Bruce Baley, she would be Iowa's first female senator. She would also be the first female combat veteran to serve in the Senate.

Her gun-toting, hog-castrating has solidified her future as a Mama Grizzly, at least. Palin's made her part of that exclusive club of "farm girl"-style politicians, by connecting her with likeminded individuals throughout her campaign. Last week, Palin organized a "Heels On, Gloves Off" rally for Ernst, and Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer, and former Nebraska Gov. Kay Orr all showed up. They posed with American flag pumps, of course.

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