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Comedian Sarah Silverman is known for speaking frankly about abortion. She helped raise $53,000 this past fall to increase women's access to abortions in Texas, and in January, she made a YouTube video about her visit from "Jesus Christ," who told her, "Fertilized eggs aren't people. People are people." In an interview with Bill Maher on Friday, she angered conservatives once again by emphasizing her pro-choice position.

Silverman told Maher that her aim is to show anti-abortion activists "a human face to this side that they only know as 'people who want to murder babies.' And meanwhile, it's goo. It's goo that they’re so worried about. And they're born, and it's 'you're on your own, slut.'" Later, she added:

And the truth is, and I don’t like to admit this ... I’ve never had an abortion and I don’t know if I would. But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fight to the death for women to make their own choices for their own human bodies.

Maher joked back, "Thank you for being brave enough to admit you’ve never had an abortion." Fox News then trumpeted the exchange as "Sarah Silverman Is Embarrassed to Admit She Never Had an Abortion," taking the joke literally. 

Breitbart and LifeNews took issue with the "goo" quote, which is unsurprising. 

And the #tcot crowd is encouraging Twitter users to send Silverman's statements to a friend. 

By this point, Silverman knows this is the response she'll get from pro-lifers. But as a proponent of free speech, she doesn't seem too bothered by it. "We have to see them as human," she told Maher, "and hopefully maybe they will see us as human." 

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