Justin Amash and Steve Womack Just Set a New Record in Congress

The Republican lawmakers have pristine voting records.

Late Thursday night, Republican Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Steve Womack of Arkansas passed a milestone. They each cast their 2,500th vote in the House of Representatives — giving them both the longest continuous voting streak among their current colleagues in the House.

Amash, who was elected in the 2010 wave of tea-party candidates, published a short celebratory Facebook post about the benchmark Thursday night. "I just cast my 2,500th straight vote in Congress without having missed a vote. That's the longest active vote streak of any representative," he said.

Since last night's round of votes, Amash and Womack have now each racked up 2,520 consecutive roll-call votes. By comparison, the average representative has missed 2.4 percent of votes over their time in office. "I'm honored to set an example as a congressman who votes every time and explains every vote," Amash said in a statement to National Journal.

"Third District Arkansans entrusted me with the responsibility to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives — that means showing up to vote," Womack said in a statement to National Journal. "I am grateful that nothing has prevented me from doing so and for the honor of being my constituents' voice and an example for my peers."

On the Senate side, Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has not missed a single vote since she was elected in 1997, and has cast 5,530 consecutive votes. Fortunately for Amash and Womack, none of their more-senior colleagues have such sterling attendance records.

This post has been updated to include Rep. Steve Womack's share of the vote attendance record.