John Kerry Wants Edward Snowden to 'Man Up' and 'Trust the American System of Justice'

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Secretary of State John Kerry has two words for Edward Snowden: "Man up." That, apparently, is the message the Obama administration wants to send before Snowden's interview with Brian Williams airs Wednesday evening. 

Kerry was all over television on Wednesday morning, offering a counterpoint to the preview clips of Snowden's interview, in which the NSA contractor turned fugitive said that he was "trained as a spy" and blamed the State Department for revoking his passport and stranding him in Russia.

"For a supposedly smart guy, that's a pretty dumb answer," Kerry responded on Today . On CBS' This Morning, Kerry said that Snowden "should man up and come back to the United States" and called him out for "taking pot shots at his country."

"If he cares so much about America and he believes in America, he should trust the American system of justice," Kerry said.

This is all just another way of calling Snowden a wimpy coward for fleeing the U.S. and hiding out in Russia. Snowden should face the U.S. government like a man, according to Kerry. A real man, a strong man, wouldn't hide. 

Poor Kerry, still carrying baggage from 10 years ago. In the 2004 presidential campaign, Bush's main strategy was to paint Kerry as weak and ineffectual. There was the whole Swift Boat ordeal, with Karl Rove, Bush's chief strategist at the time, trying his best to make Kerry look like a cowardly liar. And now Kerry is doing the same to Snowden.

"I think [Snowden's] confused. I think it's very sad," Kerry said. Indeed it is, John. 

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