GOP Senator Does Not Think the FBI Director's Weed Joke Was Very Funny

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FBI Director James Comey made a weed joke earlier this week; turns out the Senate Judiciary Committee didn't find it funny. Speaking at a conference on Monday, the FBI chief made headlines when he admitted that the agency is "grappling with the question" of whether it could be more open to hiring people who smoke pot, especially as the demand for cybercrime fighters increases.

What went mostly unreported was a little funny that Comey made when he added that some of the prospective hires "want to smoke weed on the way to the interview."

Today we found out that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was not so amused:

Do you understand that that could be interpreted as one more example of leadership in America dismissing the seriousness of marijuana use and that could undermine our ability to convince young people not to go down a dangerous path?"

Comey lamented that he was trying to be "both serious and funny." But Sessions' remarks aren't happening in a chamber vacuum.

Earlier this week, Sen. Marco Rubio performed an odd dodge of a question about his past with the substance. The possible 2016 hopeful said:

Here's the problem with that question in American politics: If you say that you did and suddenly there are people out there saying 'Well, it's not a big deal. Look at all these successful people who did it.' I don't want my kids to smoke marijuana. And I don't want other people's kids to smoke marijuana. I don't believe there's a responsible way to recreationally use marijuana."

So... both the question and recreational marijuana are flawed.

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Meanwhile, the director of the FBI is conceding that people who smoke pot might be qualified for vital posts at the FBI. And Marco Rubio is conceding that successful people (possibly even himself) have done it. 

American politicians may not believe in the notion of the functional pothead, but perhaps but they just need to adjust their expectations. As we're learning this week, if you strike out in your pursuit of joining the FBI or becoming president, there are still thousands of jobs waiting for you in the legal marijuana industry.

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