Colorado Baker Now Has to Make Wedding Cakes for Gay Couples

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In 2012, Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig sued Colorado baker Jack Phillips for refusing to bake a cake for their wedding. Today, Colorado's Civil Rights Commission ruled that Phillips did violate civil rights law by doing so. A judge found the same in December; today's seven-member panel just agreed. 

Phillips, who claims he's gotten local support for refusing to bake cakes for gay people, is not pleased. "I will stand by my convictions until somebody shuts me down," he told the AP after the ruling. But the Commission says he has to bake for everyone now. Phillips owns the Masterpiece Cakeshop in the Denver suburb of Lakewood and is a self-identified devout Christian. 

This ruling underscores the piecemeal way gay rights have come to be recognized in the U.S. Gay marriage is currently illegal in Colorado, but now it's also illegal to refuse to bake a cake for a gay marriage. Mullins and Craig, at least, are happy with today's ruling. "We're just thrilled," Mullins said. 


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