Bad News, Good Headline

The importance of one verb and one noun

On the New York Times site just now:

What is very good, and accurate, about this headline: the verb "blocks" and the noun "filibuster."

On why those two words are important—in contrast, say, to the word "fails" in the headline below from the same paper (and same reporter) in similar circumstances less than three months ago—see this compendium of items on reporters' and editors' discomfort in using the plain word "filibuster" to describe what is going on.  

Poorly done, Senate Republicans; nicely done, NYT.

Update: The headline on today's story was better than the article itself, whose second paragraph read as follows:

The vote was 54 to 42, with 60 votes needed to advance the measure.

For "advance the measure" read "break a threatened filibuster."

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