Sorry, Rick Perry: Dick Morris Thinks You Could Win.

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One-time Clinton confidante-turned-conservative pundit Dick Morris has returned to to pronounce that Texas Gov. Rick Perry could make a comeback in 2016. Sorry, Rick. That pretty much means it will never happen.

This is a somewhat hoary joke in the political-punditry world, the idea that Dick Morris' predictions are so notoriously bad that you can generally assume that the opposite is true. And, to be fair, Morris' broad point about Perry isn't bad. Perry's done a lot to rehabilitate his public image since the debacle that was his 2012 campaign. To make his case that Perry could have better luck in 2016, Morris uses the also-hoary "the next Republican in line usually wins" argument, although he has to displace a lot of Republicans that did much better than Perry before he can give Perry the mantle.

But we come not to praise Dick Morris, but to bury him. After MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin tweeted the joke, I was inspired to take a look at the Dick Morris archive at Below, original headlines of articles that Morris wrote during his first 2007 – 2011 run with the website. I bolded my favorites, and also pulled out three examples of back-to-back posts that basically contradict each other.

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If you are an employee of Rick Perry's, don't read him this post. It will just depress him.

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