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Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown will officially launch his campaign for Senate in New Hampshire today with a speech at the Portsmouth Sheraton. He has his campaign social media presence all ready to go, including a new Instagram account with a #tbt photo of him as a baby in the state. 


The caption reads, "#tbt September of 1960 at my first house on Islington Street in Portsmouth. I spend summers here as a kid and it feels great to be back. #nhsen #nhpolitics." As we noted back in March, Brown's New Hampshire bona fides will be a main feature of his campaign — he has to prove he's not a carpetbagger. (Although Yahoo's Matt Bai thinks his carpetbagger status won't actually be a big deal to voters.) 

Brown will also spend plenty of his campaign criticizing the Democrats, more specifically incumbent Jeanne Shaheen, and throwing out conservative red meat like "whenever I see … big-government mindset in any piece of legislation, I will vote against it, 100 percent of the time." (That line is from his prepared remarks for his campaign launch today.) As much as Brown might like to focus on Obamacare and how much he loves New Hampshire, as he works his way back into the public eye, there's been a certain kind of coverage that's focused on ... other things. 

Politico's Mike Allen points today to a sultry shot of Brown playing the guitar in shorts, which Brown posted to his Twitter this week. The Daily Mail was quick to splash out photos of a shirtless Brown in February when he did the New Hampshire polar plunge.  The former Cosmo centerfold will never truly escape his playboy image, but hey, maybe wants to get his old title of "America's Sexiest Senator" back. 

In what is sure to be a tight, expensive race, Brown will need every possible advantage. Shaheen has raised $1.5 million so far this year, according to The Washington Examiner. Brown's new Instagram account could help him more than he knows. 

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