Joe Biden Totally Joe Bidened a Line in His Boston Memorial Speech

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Minutes into the vice president's speech at the Boston marathon bombing memorial on Tuesday, Joe Biden Joe Bidened a line in a manner that was quickly picked up by some who might not particularly care for the man. Speaking to a crowd of Boston bombing survivors, Biden said "it was worth it" to come to Boston and see how the attack's victims have "survived" and "soared." Although this moment of his speech was met with applause from the audience (who probably assumed the vice president was not insinuating he was happy about their suffering) the awkward phrasing of the sentiment caught the attention of some: 

viewers of the speech, assumed Biden was (poorly) talking about coming to the event, rather than the bombings themselves. Despite getting flagged by a Fox News reporter, the quote didn't even make it into the news channel's write-up of the tribute. 

Update: in case you were wondering, here's the full quote: 

 “Let me say to those quote ‘survivors’ [who spoke previously]. My God you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it, I mean it sincerely, just to hear you speak. You are truly, truly inspiring. I have never heard anything so beautiful.”


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