Congressman Vance McAllister Will Probably Have to Fund His Own Reelection Campaign

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Republican Rep. Vance McAllister, who found himself embroiled in an infidelity scandal just months into his freshman term, has only $8,425 in cash on hand for his campaign, according to his latest FEC report. McAllister, who is married and has five kids, was caught on a security video recording kissing a former member of his staff. Despite the seeming contradiction that episode has with his self-styled role as a politician steeped in Christian values, Mcallister has vowed to stay in office and could run for reelection. 

In other words, if McAllister does decide to run for reelection in 2014, he'll probably have to fund his own campaign, once again. In 2013, the independently wealthy congressman spent $235,000 of his own money to win a seat in the House during a special election. McAllister raised $46,955 from the beginning of the year through March, but he spent about $90,000 over that same period of time. As Politico notes, his campaign has a lot of debts on the books from the last election, including to the politician himself.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere have both called for McAllister's resignation in the wake of the so-called "kissing scandal," but McAllister has made no indication that he plans to step aside any time soon "unless there is an outcry for me not to serve." According to the Times-Picayune , he'll likely return to congressional duties after the Easter recess.

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