Columbia University Made a Sexual Violence Awareness Cake for the Ladies

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Ivy League universities have come under fire lately for mishandling a number of rape cases. Columbia, at least, would like to say sorry — with a red, floral cake. 

Anna Bahr tweets this image of a cake that was sitting in the Ferris dining hall at the university on Wednesday. Dining services is now removing the cake, according to Bahr.

This was, obviously, a bad idea. As Bahr tweets, "Red roses so perfectly capture the romance of sexual violence." 

In December, three Columbia students claimed the university "dropped the ball" on investigating their allegations against a student athlete — two women accused him of rape, and one said he groped her. The student athlete hasn't been punished in any of these cases. One of the victims said, "I [still] see him everywhere, and he can come into my residence hall — he has access to all of the facilities that I do."

Earlier this month, a student group for sexual assault awareness accused the university of silencing one of their protests

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