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The world's CEOs have discovered a new, life-altering brainstorming technique to help the leader of the free world lead with a freer mind: walk more. As Bloomberg reports, insanely wealthy and successful people like Mark Zuckerberg attribute at least some of their success to the fact that they discovered the one weird trick to holding meetings without sitting down in a stuffy conference room. “Walking meetings not only liberate the butt, they liberate the creative juices,” tech consultant Nilofer Merchant told Bloomberg

But President Obama might not have needed the tip. The president's chief of staff and resident fitness freak Denis McDonough has him walking 10 to 30 minutes a day, according to anonymous sources within the administration. Obama walked for 45 minutes before deciding to seek Congressional approval on a potential Syria strike. Still, given the dual mental and physical benefits of walking, we appreciate Zuckerberg's effort to advise the president. In honor of job-creating Patriots, we've collected other bits of wise counsel from CEOs: 

Website advice: Ideally, your health care portal website won't suck. Last November Zuckerberg weighed in on with a few solid words of wisdom. "You know, sometimes stuff doesn't work when you want it to," Zuckerberg said. "The right thing here is to just keep on focusing on building the service you think is right in the long term."

Fashion advice: Donald Trump had some spot-on advice for the president following his Super Bowl interview with Bill O'Reilly: wear a tie. “Bill was wearing a tie — not that he has to follow Bill,” Trump said according to Politico. “It’s sloppy. It’s not appropriate. It’s not presidential.”

More walking advice: Wearing a tie isn't the least presidential thing a president can do

Fair point. Falling would likely not liberate your butt, or your creative juices.

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