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Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau released a statement on Thursday announcing that he plans to run for governor of the state of Delaware in 2016 according to NBC Philadelphia. And so, the Biden name will live on in American politics, as expected.

Beau Biden, currently his home state's attorney general, rose to national attention in 2008 after his father was chosen as President Obama's running mate. His pre-election deployment to Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard got a lot of media play; that he had obvious political aspirations and is easy on the eye didn't hurt either. He had been expected to run for a third term as attorney general this year, but will instead run for the governor's seat in 2016, during the next presidential election year. 

It's unlikely that his father will be further up on the general election ticket. Joe Biden has repeatedly indicated his intention to run for president, but polling repeatedly indicates that he trails Hillary Clinton by a massive margin. A Politico profile of the VP in February probably didn't help his aspirations, painting Biden as a little unmoored.


Beau Biden has been in the news more recently for a series of health issues. In 2010, he suffered a mild stroke. Last year, he was evaluated at a cancer center. If you are curious, Beau Biden himself has two young children: Natalie and Hunter. Neither is expected to run for office any time soon.

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