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According to reports from ABC and the Associated Press, former male model and senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown has finally decided to commit to the New Hampshire Senate bid he's been considering for a few months. He faces an uphill battle.

Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen, up for reelection for the first time, currently faces a pretty clear field. According to ABC's Jeff Zeleny, that's probably about to change. "Three Republican officials tell ABC News that Brown is nearing a decision to jump into" the race, Zeleny reports, suggesting that an announcement might come on Friday. Earlier on Thursday, the AP reported that Brown was looking for staff in the state — a move which would require him to first set up an exploratory committee.

One reason Brown might decide against a run is that Shaheen already holds a substantial lead. According to a poll released just last week by Boston's Suffolk University, Shaheen leads 52 to 39, a daunting — but not impossible — margin to make up. The worse news for Brown is that Shaheen is viewed much more favorably than Brown, with a net approval of plus 16. Brown's approval in New Hampshire is the mirror opposite: net negative 16.

Whether he runs or not, Brown is now a committed New Hampshirite. The rumors of a planned run boiled over when he bought a house in the state last December. He subsequently praised the fact that he didn't have to wear a motorcycle helmet in the state. Almost makes the idea of getting another job in Washington seem unappealing.

Brown lost a reelection bid to Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2012.

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