Congressman Steve Stockman Finishes CPAC By Drinking at a Bathroom Party

Rep. Steve Stockman found the best party at CPAC, and it happened to be in someone's bathroom. 

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Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, who has a bumper sticker that reads, "If Babies Had Guns They Wouldn't Be Aborted," chose to wind down after three days of CPAC's non-stop conservative fun by popping up at a bathroom party on Saturday night. A source told The Wire he spotted Stockman at the Gaylord hotel party, which included a hot tub and several men in their natural state.

The Free Beacon's Lachlan Markay tweeted photos on Monday of Stockman hanging out in a bathroom, drink in hand, next to a gentleman lounging in a bathtub. Stockman raises what appears to be a shotglass with some eager young Republicans, who probably thought they were dreaming. Slate's Dave Weigel reports that Stockman was offered to pay anyone who'd jump in the tub $20.

It's not the first time Stockman has made the news for his somewhat bizarre antics. Stockman ran an unusual primary challenge against Republican Sen. John Cornyn, briefly going missing in January, making few public appearances, and dabbling in Photoshop. Stockman didn't file for reelection to his House seat.

Stockman has made no comment so far.

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