Michigan Won't Recognize the Same-Sex Marriages Performed in the State Last Weekend

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A federal judge struck down Michigan's same-sex marriage ban last Friday, and over 300 same-sex marriages were performed over the weekend. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder now says those marriages aren't valid because an appeals court has already issued a stay on the judge's decision. Snyder typically isn't vocal on social issues, but he just made his position clear in this instance.

Gay marriages were quickly halted in the state this weekend after an appeals court issued a stay while it reviews U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman's decision to revoke the ban. Those 300-some couples who were able to get hitched before the stay probably won't see benefits in Michigan anytime soon. Snyder does not plan to recognize those marriages, and it could take the appeals court months to make a decision. 

Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette have support from their constituents — 59 percent think the ban should be upheld. 

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