GOP Hopefuls Court the Unlucky Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson

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As GOP candidates gear up for 2016, one enduring irony about their courtship of billionaire Sheldon Adelson is that the casino mogul's luck with Republican candidates has been horrible. 

Today, a Bloomberg dispatch from the Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Las Vegas chronicled the maneuverings of GOP hopefuls like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ohio Governor John Kasich to get Adelson behind their likely runs for president. 

Of the roughly $100 million that Adelson dropped in the 2012 presidential race, $19 million of it went into a super-PAC backing Newt Gingrich. When Newt struck out, Adelson moved over to Team Romney, pumping at least $70 million into his campaign. 

Adelson was also one of the major go-to moneymen for the Republican Jewish Coalition, the above-mentioned conference, which supported unsuccessful campaigns for at least five Jewish Republican candidates in gubernatorial and congressional races across the country. Adelson's one solace from 2012 was Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley's failure to leap from lower to the upper chamber of Congress in Adelson's backyard. He spent at least $4 million to defeat her.

In addition to his staunch support for Israel, Adelson has recently embarked on a campaign to get online gambling banned, ostensibly for the sake of the children. But for the world's 10th-richest man, should his candidates continue to falter, he's gotta make sure the house keeps winning.

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