Colin Powell's 60-Year-Old Selfie Is Everything You Could Ever Hope For in a Selfie

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"I was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks. Eat your heart out Ellen!" Colin Powell told the internet on Thursday. And man, does the former Secretary of State's selfie deliver: 

This selfie is a truly great selfie, and a good reminder that these images existed and were all over the place way before they became a thing we discussed during major news events (or as a way to sell mobile phones.) Basically, as long as there have been cameras.

We've always had the impulse to use technology at hand for self reflection: Jerry Saltz noted in his "History of the Selfie" that Van Gogh's series of self portrait paintings feel really darn selfie-like, a sort of "proto selfie" that has "the same intensity, immediacy, and need to reveal something inner to the outside world in the most vivid way possible." Professional and amateur photographers have been taking self portraits since the invention of the camera. Add Young Colin Powell to the list of those who did it early, and best. 

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