Chris Christie Saved New Jersey With a Rubik's Cube and a Flag, According to His Comic Book

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A new comic book chronicling the ups and downs of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s political career is now on sale. But there are a few issues with what the children might learn from the limited edition cover.

The cover of the Christie comic book.

The comic book, published by Bluewater Productions, traces Christie’s heralded response to Superstorm Sandy, and ends with the continuing George Washington Bridge Scandal, reports Patrick Gavin at Politico. The Christie comic book is the latest in a series called “Political Power,” which also includes stories on Donald Trump (a questionable category for him, but OK), President Barack Obama, and Ted Kennedy.

Michael Frizell, who is originally from East Brunswick, N.J., wrote the comic book, and told Politico that he was drawn to writing about the governor because of his own “fond memories” of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, which was destroyed in the storm. Frizell said that he found it “remarkable” that Christie was able to reach across the aisle and work with President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the 2012 storm. Jayfri Hashim provided the art.

The comic is priced at $3.99 online, but it’s the limited edition cover that raises a few questions. For example:

The downright frightening limited edition cover.

1. While we appreciate the intended effect of Christie's windswept red tie, most men wear ties shorter than six feet in length.

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2. There must be better examples of New Jersey debris than a Rubik's Cube? Unless, perhaps, it represents the time spent solving puzzles while waiting to FEMA to come to the rescue. 

3. Apparently the storm winds were so strong that they knocked all the stars off the Star-Spangled Banner and rearranged them in an overlapping abstract pattern. And, presumably because he is a Real American Hero, Christie is gripping the flag for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

4. Christie looks unflatteringly heavy and shiny.

Which brings us to number 5.

5. There is a dead baby at his feet. Maybe it is a doll! Maybe it is a baby.

There are only 100 copies of the limited edition cover available, so grab one while you can. Be prepared to answer your kids' questions.

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