Authorities Just Raided The Office of Rhode Island's House Speaker

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FBI, IRS, and Rhode Island law enforcement officials entered the Rhode Island State House on Friday, apparently to collect evidence from the offices of Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox. A spokesperson for the Democrat's office said to the AP that his staffers weren't informed why they were asked to leave the premises by state police.

Fox's office and his attorney declined comment on the incident, while the U.S. Attorney's office would only say that law enforcement officials were carrying out two search warrants at the State House. So with that in mind, the AP adds some context that may or may not be relevant here: in January, the legislator settled with the state over a failure to disclose $40,000 in legal work for a government agency. That failure meant that Fox broke the law,  which he has acknowledged. 

Fox was at his home during the raid at the State House. Here's the scene there, according to the Providence Journal

When a reporter knocked on the door at Fox’s home, at 11 Gorton St., the door was opened by a man in black suit. Several other men in suits were behind him.

The man, who would not identify himself, said Fox was not home. Asked whether he was a member of the state police, he said no. Asked if he was a federal investigator, he nodded and closed the door.

Fox has represented Providence in the state legislature for about two decades. 

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