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Business Insider announced Monday that former Rep. Anthony Weiner would be joining its ranks as a new political columnist. The move reveals Weiner's intentions all along: his ill-fated campaign for New York City Mayor in 2013 appears to have been simply a long-con to secure a media gig.

It almost seems like a joke, but it's not (there are plenty on Twitter, though): Weiner's monthly column will be titled "Weiner!" and will include "thoughts on the top political issues of the day imbued with his unique insider's perspective." BI notes Weiner's "brashness and wonkiness" will find a home on the site, and Weiner himself said he's excited for a "spirited conversation with the BI community."

While it might not be the job he wanted, it's relatively obvious now that this is something Weiner had planned for a while. In September, as Weiner's run came crashing down with a paltry 4.9 percent of the Democratic primary vote, reports suggested that Weiner's campaign could have been preparation for a return to public life by ways of media, rather than public office.

"Mr. Weiner began reaching out to agents who represent talent for television and radio as early as February of 2013," Politicker reported, which would place Weiner's media ambitions months earlier than his mayoral bid. In fact, according to one source, "Mr. Weiner wanted to gauge how a failed mayoral bid would impact his prospects of landing a lucrative TV or radio gig." In other words, a high-profile campaign, whether he won or lost, could be peddled into a consistent media job, and it looks like Weiner's plan worked.

A column at BI certainly isn't a CNN show, so perhaps Weiner's ambitions have been tempered since this time last year, but he has indeed found himself a reason to stick around in public discourse. Who's ready for their monthly dose of Weiner!?

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