The Never Pedestrian Rob Ford Got Ticketed for Jaywalking Last Night

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a marked man. 

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a marked man. Last night, following a funeral, Ford had quite an untraditional wake out in Vancouver that ended with a run-in with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Mounties ticketed Ford and his friend David Price for jaywalking.

Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington said Ford and former aide and long-time confidant David Price were each ticketed $109 for disobeying a pedestrian sign.

This episode brought the month of January to a fitting end. In case you missed out on Ford's 2014 exploits thus far: He announced his run for re-election (despite...well, everything), was filmed drunkenly swearing in a Jamaican brogue at a fast food restaurant in Toronto, and got stuck in an elevator while running an hour late to a speech. As it's well-known, 2013 wasn't so great either.

Pictures of Ford made the rounds on social media last night:

One eyewitness said he approached the mayor as he was being ticketed and Ford explained the story to him with classic eloquence: "I was just trying to cross on a light red and this 'B' almost hit me and now she's ticketing me."

Early reports that Ford was also written up for public intoxication were later retracted, which was welcome news. We'd hate for Ford to suffer any further indignity.

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