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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Jerusalem to meet with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and talk about peace and friendship between the two countries. Unfortunately, a specter of Adolf Hitler was conjured by a shadow and Netanyahu's wayward finger. The accidental Hitler photo was taken by The Jerusalem Post's Marc Israel Sellem. 

That's got to be the unluckiest photo ever taken: Merkel arrives in Israel on Monday to affirm peace, friendship. On Tuesday, she meets with a Netanyahu, is slated to receive a Presidential Medal of Distinction from Shimon Peres, and all anyone can talk about is that she's Hitler. And this also comes at a point when many Germans aren't too fond of Israel ad its treatment of the Palestinian people.

"We have come here with almost the whole of our new government, and we wanted to show you in this way that this is indeed a very strong friendship." Merkel told reporters on Monday. It's unclear whether she's seen the picture. 

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