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Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat from Colorado, made waves yesterday by wearing a polo shirt and clip-on bow tie on the House floor. Images of his fashion faux pas quickly made the rounds on Twitter, and GQ offered to give him a makeover. "Is that a purple golf polo? With a bow tie? Is that a clip-on? Did Craig Sager win a seat somewhere? Am I having a seizure? Can someone make it stop?" assistant editor Dennis Tang asked. Polis, a good sport, took GQ up on the offer. 

But then he showed up in this outfit Wednesday morning.

Polis's communications director Scott Overland tells The Wire that Polis is excited about working with GQBut we think the Congressman looks great already. He's always dressed creatively, be it bow ties and polos:

Or mock turtlenecks:


We don't know if you've heard, but "normcore" (dressing like a dad, basically) is in these days. How'd you like to get that Colorado Congressman look for yourself? Now you can. 

Update, 3:42 pm: Overland tells us that Polis primarily shops at, and you could certainly find his look there. As the founder of, Polis "is committed to helping internet companies and start-ups whenever possible," Overland adds. "On that note, while Rep. Polis may benefit from a consultation with GQ on fashion, he would take down any other Member of Congress in a 'bouquet-off.'" Noted.

Now, on to achieving Polis's signature look. First step: bow ties. You could try one of these pastel options:


But why not take it up a notch with a Star Trek-inspired tie? (Polis is a fan.) 


You can find both on Etsy.

Next, you need a polo in a contrasting color. This one from Ralph Lauren is a steal at $350:

Ralph Lauren

Finally, you need a sport coat. And pants. You probably have those already! If it's chilly out, throw on a sweater, too, like Polis did today. This shawl-collar style from J. Crew is perfect:

J. Crew

Total cost is $480.50, but money can't buy style. Just follow your fashion heart, and who knows. You could end up being the most interesting thing on C-SPAN. 

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