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Actor Tom Sizemore told two friends that then-President Clinton flew actress Elizabeth Hurley to the White House to sleep with her. Since, on occasion, guys tell braggy stories with little connection to reality, we're going to treat this with some skepticism.

The story — linked prominently on the Drudge Report — comes from Radar Online, which launched a "joint investigation" with The Globe on the "breaking news." Basically, the two outlets got a copy of the conversation from two of its participants, and built the story out from there. (Sizemore claims that he was going to put the yarn in his book, but that his publisher was dissuaded from doing so by Clinton confidante Susan McDougal.)

Sizemore says Clinton asked him if he had dated Hurley, and Sizemore said he had. Clinton asked for the actress' number, and Sizemore resisted until the president said, "Give it to me. You dumb motherfucker, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number." Sizemore gave him the number and Clinton called Hurley. "Listen Elizabeth, this is the President,” Clinton allegedly said. "‘I don’t have any time for this shit. I‘m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up." Hurley acquiesced, and the two consummated their fledgling romance.

Um, none of this sounds true. Clinton's gift was always sweet-talking, not threats. Can you imagine Clinton calling Sizemore a dumb motherfucker? That sounds a lot more like how Tom Sizemore probably picks up women than it does Slick Willie Clinton.

In the audio recording, Sizemore also says that Clinton asked him if he was going to rat to Ken Starr about the evening's goings-on. Which would mean that this alleged affair happened after the special investigator began poking around on the Whitewater investigation in 1994 — but more likely after the 1998 expansion of the investigation into Clinton's extracurricular activities. A point at which the late-night arrival of a Hollywood actress might have attracted some unwanted attention. Not to mention a point at which the American president was probably not overly worried about the threat of nuclear war.

Clinton's appetites have resurfaced again recently as a predicted side effect of Hillary Clinton's march to the 2016 Democratic nomination. Last month, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul implied that Bill's behavior reflected a general hypocrisy on the part of Democrats, but also that it was "sometimes it's hard to separate one [Clinton] from the other." Hillary is mentioned in the Radar report; she was allegedly in the "next room" as Bill Clinton had sex with Elizabeth Hurley. Thick walls in the White House, I guess.

Hurley has already responded, precisely as you would suspect she might.

Or, perhaps, she received yet another threatening phone call from a furious Bill Clinton. If Tom Sizemore's casual bragging to friends is any indicator, there's this other side to Clinton that literally no one has ever seen.

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