Well, Rob Ford Got Stuck in an Elevator Today

He was also an answer on Jeopardy! Win some, lose some.

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The man who can't be embarrassed -- no matter how hard he tries -- crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford, was almost an hour late to a speech today because he got stuck in an elevator.

Ford, who just two days ago admitted that he was drunk when he went on a strange Jamaican patois-sprinkled rant in a Streak Queen, was supposed to give a speech to the Economic Club of Canada. Two hundred people who had paid $89 for lunch and a Ford speech were waiting, but there was no cell phone reception in the elevator and thus no way for the nine people trapped inside to let them know what the hold-up was.

The Globe and Mail described the tragic scene:

Tempers were short Thursday when Toronto's often tardy mayor arrived in the basement banquet room of a downtown hotel just before 1 p.m. for a noontime address. One table, anxious to get back to work, had already left en masse. After the remaining 180 or so in attendance had cleaned out the bread baskets, organizers served lunch without the mayor.

While Ford briefly addressed his time in the elevator in his speech, he did not mention those Steak Queen videos.

Economic Club of Canada president Rhiannon Traill told the Toronto Sun that Ford was "gracious and very funny" as well as "very calm" while trapped in the elevator.

Ford told the Toronto Sun that he would not tell his son, Dougie, about what had happened because Dougie is afraid of getting stuck on elevators. Failing to disclose his activities just seems so out of character for someone who has been as direct and forthright as Ford has.

Ford is not the first politician -- not even the first politician with the last name "Ford" -- to get stuck in an elevator. On September 19, 1984, former president Gerald Ford got trapped in an elevator in the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, an occasion now marked by a plaque.

More recently, Sen. Dianne Feinstein was trapped in an elevator in the Capitol building in June 2013. And three members of parliament in Zimbabwe were trapped in the Parliament building's elevator earlier this month. One of them said this wasn't her first time stuck in that particular elevator, which makes one wonder why she would ever use that elevator again.

In slightly happier news for Rob Ford, he was part of an answer on Jeopardy! tonight:

Unfortunately, it was mostly about his crack smoking.

Chip earned $800 for correctly guessing "What is Toronto?"

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