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Religious non-profits challenging the constitutionality of a paperwork requirement in the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate won a small victory from the Supreme Court on Friday. The high court extended an injunction in the case of several non-profit groups suing the government over that requirement. The request was referred to the full court by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  

As SCOTUSblog explained earlier today, the Little Sisters of the Poor have argued that the paperwork requirement — essentially, that any potentially exempt organization has to fill out and sign a form in order to get an exemption from a mandate requiring employers to cover contraceptives — still makes them "a party to the mandate." Under the injunction, the government won't be able to enforce that provision against the non-profit in question. Instead, as Buzzfeed explains, the organization can simply provide that information to the government in writing, without using the form provided to them as the appeal in the 10th Circuit Court proceeds. The nuns group "need not use the form prescribed by the Government and need not send copies to the third-party administrators,” the order reads. 

Read the full order below: 


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