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Today we learned that Sen. Rand Paul, 51, will join Snapchat, the photo-sharing app beloved by 16-year-olds. This was the lead story, an "exclusive," in Playbook Wednesday morning. Mike Allen tells us that Paul's "handle will be SenatorRandPaul, and he plans to send his first snap tonight." Paul will officially announce the news on Facebook, where he will be met with the chorus of a thousand teens yelling "get out of my room." (Just kidding, teens aren't on Facebook anymore.) 

Paul in his younger days. GQ/The Wire

What will that crucial first snap be? A duck-face selfie? A bottle of vodka (christie's bday!!! *party hat emoji*)? An Anthony Weiner-style crotch shot? This is what the youth snaps. Paul, unfortunately, will only offer "backstage glimpses of his trips and media appearances," Allen writes. 

So while Fed-hater and liberty-lover Paul may be hipper than, say, Newt Gingrich, Snapchat is not going to win him the youth vote in 2016. The app is already overrun with brands sending out ads to anyone who chooses to be friends with them. Allen points out that "Taco Bell and Acura" have been successfully using Snapchat, suggesting that Paul will just use the app for 10-second campaign commercials. No one wants that. Still, it's fun to imagine how great a Rand Paul snap could be. 

Update, 12:24 pm: Here's his first snap. His eyes are closed. 


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