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Hey young ladies, some instructions from Sarah Palin: Take a picture with a fish, not a selfie in a bathroom mirror. Because if there's one thing that Sarah Palin hates, it's selfies.

Palin's full quote, offered as part of a plug for her upcoming TV show, is that she is "convinced the world will be a better place, when we have more girls holding fish in pictures and fewer holding selfie cameras in front of the bathroom mirror." The show cleaned that up a bit, making the nice, Facebook-share-friendly image you see at right. Palin also posted a bunch of (mostly old) pictures of herself and her family with fish or fishing, so you know she's serious.

Curious if this was a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do situation, The Wire looked a little further back in Palin's Facebook photo gallery to see if she was helping to make this selfie-phobic world a reality. We've compiled a catalog of all of the pictures of Palin that would count as selfies, those that are borderline, and all of the photos of Palin with fish. You be the judge.

Palin selfies

This, under the popular definition, is a selfie.

As is this. Palin also posted this one of Piper, but who are we to judge. Important note: neither of these was taken in a bathroom mirror with a selfie camera.

Borderline selfies

While definitions vary, there is a case to be made that the following images are, at least, in the selfie style

These boat photos were clearly not taken by Palin, but, you know.


Borderline. Classic selfie pose.


Palin with fish

And there you go. Of the hundreds of photos in her stream, more than half of which include Palin, this is the only one that involved a fish prior to her Facebook post on the subject. As some hippie somewhere said, Governor Palin: become the change you wish to see in the world.

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