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In an entertaining column today, national bullying corespondent Michelle Malkin has uncovered a troublesome American epidemic: the shaming of rich people. What she forget to mention was that she's part of the problem. 

"America, we have a bullying epidemic," Malkin writes in a column appearing on her site today. "The problem is wealth-shaming. Class-shaming. Success-shaming." 

The spirit that moved her column comes from the recent brouhaha involving a very rich man named Tom Perkins, who wrote a paranoid letter to The Wall Street Journal last week alerting to them to the fact that rich men now are like Jewish people during the Holocaust.

"I would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its 'one percent,' namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the 'rich,'" Perkins explained, and went on to keep hammering home that he felt that the country is headed on a path to Kristallnacht for rich people. 

After criticism, he apologized. But Malkin still believes he had a point, explaining that there's an unfair criticism men who wear $380,000 time pieces and compare themselves to Jews in the Holocaust. 

"His former colleagues at the venture capital firm he founded threw him under the bus. Left-wing punk journalists immediately branded him 'nuts' and a 'rich idiot,'" Malkin writes, criticizing people who were criticizing Perkins's comparison.

She also goes on to explain the oppression of "wealth-shaming protests" across the country (or New York and Connecticut).  "Perkins barely scratched the surface of the War on Wealth that has spread under the Obama regime. Anti-capitalism saboteurs have organized wealth-shaming protests at corporate CEOs' private homes in New York and in private neighborhoods in Connecticut," she writes. 

What she fails to mention is that her personal site has engaged in exactly this kind of class warfare:

What Malkin would say is that there are certain rich people who deserve the kind of hate she's stoking — Democrats and rich people who say they would be fine with taxing the rich more. 

Malkin herself might be a rich person. Maybe the kind of rich person she doesn't want you to hate. This year she sold her popular site, Twitchy, to the same company she sold to in 2010. 

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