Meghan McCain's Love-Hate Twitter Relationship with Chris Christie Hits Light Speed

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"Just a few months ago I was called crazy for saying Christie wasn't my first choice for 2016," Meghan McCain tweeted Friday afternoon on the heels of new allegations about the New Jersey governor. To be fair to those critics, McCain's opinion of Chris Christie has evolved over time. Even today: That tweet's been deleted.

On the night Christie spoke at the Republican convention in 2012, McCain tweeted this about "her guy":

Ohhh my guy Chris Christie, coming up next - don't let me down. Hope he keeps it real and fiery out there!

Then, after the election, on November 9, 2012, a change in tone.

Why is Chris Christie always wearing sweatshirts that say "Chris Christie - Governor" on it?

The following May she was skeptical of his bona fides:

Christie/Bloomberg ticket? I can't even pretend to entertain a scenario in which this could possibly take place.


I still need convincing Christie can make it through a primary in the south. But that's another discussion... I will get myself a life now.

In September of 2013, she clarified her views on her guy:

Regarding Chris Christie - I have respect for him as a politician, he is just not my first choice in a hypothetical 2016 run.

The clarification was in response to an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Live. BuzzFeed made GIFs of her saying that she was over Christie, and Christie responded. McCain tweeted:

This is kind of hilarious...yeah Chris Christie apparently hates me and my guts. Thanks @BuzzFeed

So then, when the allegations about improper behavior broke, McCain wasted no time in reminding people she hates Christie and predicted that he was terrible. January 10:

Remember a few months ago when I got in a fight with Chris Christie because I said he wasn't my first choice for 2016…. #Justsaying

But the charges were still sketchy. So, later that day:

That being said, 2016 is eons away in political time and this scandal may not matter then (seeing how it plays out).

On the 14th, more hedging:

Liberal media is Out. For. Blood with Chris Christie. Guess there real is nothing more threatening than a popular republican.

And then, after today's allegations:

Just a few months ago I was called crazy for saying Christie wasn't my first choice for 2016...

And then she hedged again. At some point in the last hour or so, that tweet was deleted.

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