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Liz Cheney is dropping out of her primary campaign to unseat Wyoming Republican Senator Mike Enzi, CNN reports. Sources said that Cheney began notifying colleagues over the weekend and could make her announcement publicly as early as Monday.

Cheney, daughter of former Wyoming Representative and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, has riled both the Republican establishment and her own family throughout her embattled run.

Challenging an incumbent in their own primary is generally a no-no, since it conveys a sense of party dischord. Upon announcing her campaign, former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said, "divisive, internal GOP fights aren’t helpful." Throughout, Cheney has also dealt with accusations of carpetbagging, since she only moved to Wyoming in 2012, though her family has deep roots there. Regardless, she lives there now and that's really all that matters, right?

Cheney also got into a prolonged argument about marriage equality with her sister Mary. Mary, who is gay, said that her sister's opposition to same-sex marriage was "dead wrong," and that she would not be supporting her candidacy. Their parents defended Liz's stance, though they might not agree with it themselves.

Cheney's dropping out might not come as a huge surprise to anyone who has seen polling numbers for the race. A mid-November internal poll (commissioned by an anti-Cheney PAC, it should be noted) had Enzi leading by 53 points.

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