'It Happens,' Says Kentucky Lawmaker Who Accidentally Fired Her Gun in the State Capital

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Democratic Kentucky State Rep. Leslie Combs doesn't think her accidental discharge of a firearm in the state's capitol building Tuesday afternoon was a big deal. "I am a gun owner, it happens," Combs told reporters after the incident. 

Combs was apparently in the process of unloading her Ruger 380 semi-automatic handgun when it fired into the floor of the Capitol annex. No one was harmed by the gunshot, so she reported the incident to state police about two hours later. the lawmaker told the Courier-Journal that she has a concealed carry permit, and often brings the gun to work in her purse.  Here's more from Combs: 

“I was purposely disarming it to put it up because I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to use it any more... I had had it in my purse I carry usually, and I thought I’m going to put that sucker away.”

And she's not the only armed state lawmaker. According to state Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo, state House members, himself included, have carried guns to the capital. But normally lawmakers check their guns, instead of carrying them around through the day. 

As for whether Combs will now reconsider her gun carrying habit, the legislator said, “I am a gun owner. I support the right to bear arms. As a female —particularly for protection rights — I feel the need to carry a firearm." but, from now on, she'll apparently carry a revolver instead. 

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