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On Wednesday, thousands of anti-abortion activists braved the frigid air to March for Life in Washington, D.C. Many tried to tell their personal stories about abortion through their protest signs. The annual event, now in its 41st year, is always held near the anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision. The marchers prayed and sang for an end to abortion. In 2013, just 29 percent of Americans thought Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Many gathered to share their own personal stories. National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez captured this photo of marchers who were conceived through rape or incest. One holds a sign indicating that she's a mother through rape.

And Buzzfeed's Benny Johnson noticed the puzzling "Hunters for Life" contingent. Their sign features a fetus dressed up in hunting gear. 

Pope Francis sent his blessing via Twitter.

And His Holiness was there in spirit via these monks holding cutouts. (That's current Pope Francis, former Pope Benedict XVI, and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò). 

Here's the March for Life's favorite demographic: smiling young people, probably from a high school youth group. They call themselves the "pro-life generation." 


Live Action President and anti-abortion celebrity Lila Rose (the woman behind those Planned Parenthood "gotcha" videos) made a brave appearance sans gloves. (It's currently 16 degrees in D.C.) 

Here's a snowy #teamlife sign. 

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told marchers, "I believe that one day in the not too distant future, our movement will be victorious because we will prevail in securing a culture of life in America."


Some protesters carried a statue of the Virgin Mary during the march. One sign in the background stands out: "Former Fetuses United For Life." 


Some marchers stopped to take a selfie. 

And here's a view of the crowd.

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