How Today's Front Pages Handled Chris Christie's 'Bridgeghazi' Scandal

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On Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's "bridge scandal" blew up, handing the region's newspaper editors two of their favorite things in the world — easy fat jokes and political scandals.

How would the best tabloid headline writers in the world respond? Would we see a  "Bridgeghazi" or a "too big for his bridges" joke? How about, "Payback's a Bridge" (a personal favorite)? What kind of Photoshop magic would they work up? 

Without further ado, here are today's front pages. Which one won the morning?

The New York Post ... was way below their usual standards. We know how mean The Post can be (see: "Who Didn't Want Him Dead?"), and "Chris in a Jam" is the best they could do? That's not even that clever. 

New York Post

New York's Daily News. We kinda saw this coming. The Daily News  loves itself a Christie fat joke and has for quite a while now. Wednesday's scandal allowed them to keep their tradition going.

Daily News

The Jersey Journal. This is puzzling. Everyone was talking about Christie on Wednesday afternoon — his presidential chances, his knowledge of the alleged scandal, his staffers. You would think it'd be a no-brainer to use his photo, right. Enter the Jersey Journal which didn't go for a Christie photo, or even mention the governor by name on their front page. That's hyperlocal journalism.


The Burlington County Times: Christie in a jam, is well ... it's not "payback's a bridge."

Burlington County Times

The Gannett Company ... wants to ask you a question. The question is not: "is this the most unflattering picture of Chris Christie we could find?"

The Daily Record

The Trentonian. The Trentonian is my morning's winner. Not only was there a terrible photoshop, but also a jokey, punny, semi-clever (and cheesy) headline. 

The Trentonian

Update 8:40 a.m.  A new challenger appears. We looked beyond the region and found the Washinton Post's Express paper, which brought The Boss into the mix (Christie is a huge fan of The Boss). 



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